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Collection: Trachy and Wellso for Sale

Trachy and Wellso coral for sale - Trachyphyllia (including former Wellsophyllia) are LPS Corals that are beautiful brain corals in a rainbow of colors. 

We sell a variety of Indo Trachy which are better for beginners and advanced hobbyist alike.  Indo Trachy are generally hardier than Australlian Trachy.  We sell a few varieties of Australlian trachy that are hardier than most we label where the trachy originate from so you'll be able to pick the best coral.

Trachy brain coral care: low light and flow.  Can be acclimated to medium light but do so slowly to avoid bleaching the coral.  Trachyphyllia benefit from weekly feeding of meaty or pellet foods. These type of brain corals are best placed on the aquarium bottom to avoid damaging their flesh on sharp rocks and to provide lower light.